• Vandewiele Office / Steven Vandenborre

    Vandewiele is a large company nearKortrijkthat exists over more than 100 years. The factory is worldwide known for its high standard looms. We were contacted for an interior proposal for the accounting department. A large space where machines were made in the 40s was during the 90s transformed into a boring, closed office place.The beautiful high concrete structure of the building was covered with floating ceilings and the small claustrophobic office rooms were divided with walls without charact

  • Two-Fold Yard / TAOA

    It is a house intervention project. The owner who is an artist wishes to add the function of art studio to his house after its reconstruction. What is more, the work of art creating will not interfere the daily living at all should also be guaranteed.The house’s original volume will be used as daily living space still, while the new added one below the ground level will be a wider, more individual and more flexible art creating space. In the meanwhile, the above-ground part will be the place fo

  • VILLA MQ / Office O architects

    This spacious villa is situated inTremelo(BE), on a large terrain surrounded by pines. The house was designed for a couple with two children, that wanted something “special”. While in other designs OOA’s approach is very conceptual in the approach of design, here we just let it flow.Taking into account the building regulations, we started sculpting the house around the desired programs, thereby playing with the fundamental architectural elements and principles (form, space, …), taking away t

  • Trumpf Day-Care Center / Barkow Leibinger

    The machine-tool manufacturer, Trumpf, has completed its first company daycare center in the north-west edge of its Campus inDitzingen. The one-story building was built using mass-timber elements prefabricated in a South Tyrolean factory and then assembled on site. The daycare center offers a place for 75 children of the employees and is also open to other children from the municipality.The building is set back within the industrial context and, thanks to its low height, blends almost seamlessly

  • Eclipse house / I/O architects

    Utterly introvert, this house is located on the last plot of a desired neighbourhood in the outskirts ofSofia, Bulgaria. The complexity of the program confronts the size of the site thus determining the tree structure of the house. Each of the three stories differs in both size and concealment strategy.The vastest first story is underground yet naturally lit and directly connected to the street and the garden. The compressed and mostly open ground floor together with the small garden is hidden b

  • Nordic Ski Centre / Durisch + Nolli Architetti

    Set in a magnificent landscape with characteristic Nordic features, the Nordic Campra Ski Center is the most well-equipped facility in the Swiss Alps for cross-country skiing. The Campra plain represents a fluvial and marshland environment of national importance, protected at a federal level. The structure has expanded, since the 1970s, from the original shelter of the Simano Ski Club, around which numerous precarious buildings have been added over time. The enhancement of the surrounding area i

  • Blind House / BOONDESIGN

    Blind House: the absent matter -“An urban sanctuary with a living space overlaid on the enclosed landscape means to perceive or awaken to the truth that inherits in one’s lives.”. The brief from the owner is simple: two-bedrooms house for a single with enough space for Zen living and practicing meditation.Absence- Presence - Awareness-The presence of concrete plane that hovers across the landscape diagonally following the north-south orientation creates two open spaces with unfathomable dimen

  • NVD House / Studio Arthur Casas

    Placed in a land with a native forest surrounding it, the NVD house was designed in order to attend the wishes of a couple with three children: having a weekend residence for relaxing and leisure moments to the family. Located in the interior of São Paulo, the project consists on a dynamic mix of volumes, creating great spans and cantilevers. It is in these different volumes that the whole house’s program is distributed, taking advantage of the maximum integration between the ambiances and

  • Cam Hai House / Idee architects

    The Project is located on the West of Dam Thuy Trieu, Cam Ranh – the South Central of Vietnam, in the area of 2 ha, including a shrimp farms in the front and the garden area surrounding. In the area there is an old special mango garden facing the effect of urbanization and climate change. The view from the top of rock hill sloping downto wherethe main house is located, opens up to a vivid landscape picture and the imposing earth and sky.With the desertificationand little rainfall - only two mon

  • Sukkha House / OON Architecture

    Sukkha is a house located in a private urbanization in the northern part of Buenos Aires. The volumetry consists of two pieces that characterize the formal simplicity of the design.A search for a language of its own is proposed, based on the use of clear volumes supported by one another. Pure forms with the possibility ofsliding together without intercepting with the vacuum, resulting in inhabitable spaces. The plans and volumes appear without cavitiesor cuts,instead, some of their faces are dem



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